A core curriculum is maintained at Woodthorpe School from Year 7 – 10 with an emphasis on balance between English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, HPE, the Arts and Technologies.

Year 11 and 12 focuses on our students attaining their WACE. ATAR achievement is also strongly encouraged, however, many of our students pursue a General pathway including the achievement of Vocational qualification. Every senior student is required to undertake an English & Mathematics course as compulsory. Other electives include Politics & Law, Modern History, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting & Finance, Food Science Technology, Materials, Design & Technology and Visual Arts. The vast majority of our Senior Secondary courses are delivered via the Virtual Classroom which affords our regional campuses access to the full range of course offerings. 

Some secondary students will need to pursue Individual Education Plans (IEPs) where the core curriculum is unlikely to meet their specific needs. This is planned by the Learning Support Team in consultation with the student, staff and parents.

Entry to external competitions is considered important by the Woodthorpe School Board as a means of encouraging our students to embrace their learning journey and apply the knowledge they have learnt in class to a public and international forum. In this regard, STEM has become an important focus in recent years. External competitions are a means of fostering pride in our school as the students go head to head with students all across the Asia Pacific region.