OneSchool staff development a priority

Monday 23rd October, 2017

As the Director of Primary Studies and Learning Support for Woodthorpe and Meridian School, Julie Murray is almost at a loss to decide which part of working at OneSchool she likes the best.

“It’s difficult to pinpoint my favourite part” she says, “as there are so many facets to my role that I enjoy. Being part of a fabulous team locally, nationally and now globally is exciting. Collaborating and learning from others in the field of education all around Australia and the world, is a wonderful and unique opportunity. The support I receive at local level is second to none – my colleagues are always on hand to share knowledge and an encouraging word and the school Board give their full support to the school to allow us to offer an education for 21st century learners. I feel that my professional knowledge is valued and feel part of an outstanding team.”

Having been in the teaching profession for 15 years Julie has worked in both public and private institutions. Julie worked for four years in Scotland at a OneSchool campus before moving to Australia six years ago. One thing that stands out with OneSchool is staff development. Something she says has not been a priority at some places she has taught. Couple that with the parent support, and she’s very happy in her working environment.

“OneSchool is unique with the level of support that is offered to staff through professional development opportunities, travel opportunities and the resources we have at hand to teach a varied curriculum,” she says. “In the primary department, we have an amazing group of parents who offer help and support on all different levels. We are currently organising lots of Term 4 events and are always inundated with offers of help.”

OneSchool primary students don’t have much to do with the Virtual Classroom (VC), however self-directed learning (SDL) is part of their curriculum, which Julie says it not only important for student growth, but for her personally.

“SDL has meant that we have really been able to consolidate the independent learning we do in class and are encouraging the students to become more aware of their self-directed skills,” she says. “A massively important part of my role as Director of Primary, is preparing the students as they go through the primary years, to gradually become fully self-directed and accustomed to utilising our learning platform ‘Canvas’, before making the transition to high school.”