Positivity and support of colleagues key for Woodthorpe teacher

Monday 4th September, 2017


Aaron Gosper is the head of campus for the eastern and northern campus of Woodthorpe and has been working at OneSchool for the past 12 months

Having been a teacher for 22 years, Aaron likes his relatively new working environment and is in a good position to point out some of the main differences between OneSchool and other schools where he has taught.

“Some of the main differences are the supportive collegiate atmosphere amongst staff, the speed at which decisions of change are implemented and the overall positivity of the working environment,” says Aaron. “Most of all, the caliber and character of the students is very high. Having a supportive and accessible campus administrator and effective school board is something OneSchool has got right.”

A supportive and progressive education for the students is another plus in Aaron’s eyes, as is the smaller campus sizes. Throw in the fact that there are campuses throughout the country, suddenly a whole new dimension to teaching is apparent.

“I am enjoying the smaller campus which has allowed me to get to know what students need to help them in their study programs,” says Aaron. “Being in a leadership role also means I have new opportunities to develop professionally and personally. The ongoing development between OneSchool campuses is very exciting. The intra state to interstate to international connections that are developing is something that a lot of schools aspire to do but do not have the scope or will to achieve. Having joined OneSchool at this time is a great opportunity for aspiring teachers.”

When speaking to various teachers throughout the OneSchool system, it is apparent that the students are not only motivated but also take the lead in many aspects of their scholastic lives.

“The students are on the most part respectful and understanding of what we are trying to do,” says Aaron. “The majority are prepared to do their best in all areas and are proud of their efforts. The involvement of students in many aspects of school day adds to ownership and spirit of their learning environment.”

As for the teaching methods of VC and SDL, Aaron is a fan, not only because of how the students learn, but also the insights the platforms give him into how he teaches.

“The use of VC classes has been fantastic for me and are providing opportunities to facilitate learning in new ways,” he says. “Coupled with the study periods and the challenge of engaging students in Self Directed Learning this has allowed me to review the way I teach and provide new experiences that I wasn’t expecting. The VC classes aren’t without challenges and this is an area that I am interested in improving personally and systemically.”